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      Landing a 7-figure B2G contract

      Our client (name withheld) is a mission-driven B2B and B2G software company that helps non-profits and government agencies achieve better outcomes for the communities they serve with less time, money and effort.

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      The Results

      We developed a hyper-focused SEO and PPC strategy targeting government decision makers. Almost immediately, our client experienced a substantial increase in high-value public sector traffic and leads. Soon after launching, we generated an organic lead that ultimately closed a federal contract worth over $1M in annual recurring revenue. All the hard work and investment put into creating content, building sophisticated campaigns and re-orienting our digital strategy paid off big time.

      “I primarily choose marketing vendors based on 4 critical components: (1) Expertise (2) Measurable results (3) Proactive thought-leadership and (4) Superior customer service. WebMechanix consistently exceeds expectations in all four areas; which continues to improve and expand our business.” Jamie Okonak, Marketing Director